Think of 3 things that you’re currently grateful for

..and watch your mindset change!

Anyone could at any time think of at least one thing that we wish was different. That is life my friends. For all of us.

But the key is to learn how to focus on the good things!

Only give the negative things your focus when you work on them (the things you can control forget

the rest).

Right now I’m grateful for:

1 My job! I have so much to do and it’s nothing but a result of the hard work I’ve put in.

2 My super body and mindset that feels stronger and more positive than ever.

3 My community here! I’m planning on sharing more of my little secrets. So stay tuned ☺

What are you grateful for right now?

Published by natashasniehirova

Hey, what's going on friend? I'm Natasha Sniehirova. Growing up in abusive family in Ukraine I was dealing with eating disorder, severe anxiety and depression. Ever since I made it my intention to get my life in order so that I could then help others do the exact same thing. And the way that I go about my life - I set examples, and if it inspires you, great! I will continue to do that. If it doesn't then maybe I am not the person that you should be following. Before writing, I was a field executive for well-known brands, worked as a Recruiter for IT companies, and still own a successful coding studio where I work as a front-end developer. I started doing some writings on the side back in 2019 because, you know, I'm not good at sitting still! So now I am dipping my toes into the freelance writing world - which I found out I like more than anything else. See my 'About' page to read my full story. That's my on to very vital facts! My vision – A world in which we all live in harmony. My mission – Create intelligent content that challenges people to live a fulfilling life. I deeply believe that by investing in ourselves we will become strong in body, engaged in heart and mind. Accept this invitation to live fully! And follow me for motivation, inspiration and every day life thoughts!

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